Celebrating 21st anniversary on Nalanda Day

Celebrating 21st anniversary on Nalanda Day

A joyful group photo of Nalanda members at the anniversary celebration.

On Wednesday 1 May, Nalanda Centre was a sea of grey as over 85 members gathered to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Nalanda Buddhist Society.  President, Sis. Buddhini Tan thanked all members for their support, highlighting that together, members have organised more than 30 impactful Dhamma educational programmes over the year-long commemoration of the Society’s 20-year milestone.

In her message, Sis. Buddhini urged everyone to continue actively participate and contribute as we move towards a Buddhist missionary.  She also shared the latest management structure with the appointment of ‘Key Drivers’ members, Membership Registrar and Youth Mentor, to further support the Society along this journey.

Sis. Buddhini relaying the Nalanda Day message to members.

Ach. Vijaya advised us that inner discipline benefits our spiritual practice as well as in our service.

Ach. Siang Chye reminds us to reflect on how much more time do we have to cultivate ourselves and serve the Sasana.

Members gathered for flag raising at K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

Achariya Abhivadana to pay respects and seek forgiveness from our teachers.

In spurring us on in this new decade, Chairman Emeritus of Nalanda Education Committee Achariya S. Vijaya shared that Nalanda’s mission endures because we have kept true to it.  The devotion of its members to the Dhamma and emphasis on education of the heart, has reached out to effect personal transformation for the betterment of the community.

Director of Nalanda Institute, Achariya Tan Siang Chye said that our clarity on our missionary objectives enables us to embody them in all we do, as well as energises us.  He gladly announced that Nalanda Institute is now planning for WACANA 2025 Buddhist Conference with the aim of gathering the Buddhist community to discuss pertinent issues and opportunities for the prolongation of the Sasana.

Youths Bro. Lim Ajit and Bro. Yeo Disheng sharing their journey of earning the Masters of Arts in Buddhist Studies, and thanked the many people who have supported them.

Immediate Past President, Sis. Evelyn shared her rejoice during this 21st Anniversary celebration.

In the afternoon, there were learning sessions conducted.

1 May is also the anniversary of Nalanda Youth Centre. Youth members and their mentors in a group photo session.

We thank our Spiritual Advisor, Ven. Sri Saranankara, Dhamma teachers, members, volunteers, donors and benefactors who have enabled us to celebrate the 20th Anniversary with victorious joy and deep meaning.  Let us continue with undiminished resolution to provide holistic Buddhist education for the well-being of many.

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