Centenary of a great Dhamma teacher

Centenary of a great Dhamma teacher

The anniversary of his birth, 17 June, is celebrated as ‘Ajahn Chah Day’ at Nalanda Centre.

Today marks the 100th birth anniversary of the late Luang Por Chah Subhaddo (17 June 1918 – 16 January 1992) – one of the best known teachers of the Thai forest monastic tradition in modern times.  Simply and better known to the world as Ajahn Chah, he was seen as the personification of Buddhist monastic discipline, meditative spirit, and profound wisdom.

Nalandians have benefited greatly from the Dhamma teachings of Ajahn Chah, either through the printed collection of his sermons, or indirectly through his many disciples who visited Nalanda Centre and gave talks here.  We would like to dedicate the merits from our charitable acts, observance of precepts, and the practice of meditation at Nalanda to the late Ajahn Chah as grateful tribute for his life-long gift of Dhamma to the world.  Sadhu!

Ajahn Chah leading a group of monks on their daily alms-round in Ubon, Thailand.


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