Chinese-Language Facebook page launched today

Chinese-Language Facebook page launched today

Dear friends,

We have taken note of many requests in the past weeks to have a Facebook fanpage in Chinese Language so as to communicate more effectively with the Mandarin-speaking community.  We are happy to report that a team of volunteers have agreed to help in establishing and maintaining the Chinese-Language page.  The fanpage was launched just a few hours ago, today!

We thank our enthusiastic volunteers for their eagerness to share Dhamma-inspired news with the many.  We hope you will enjoy the Chinese-Language version, which may differ slightly from the English-Language page.  Watch out for more updates!  Thank you.


我们欢迎您游览 Nalanda 中文面子书!此页将给您带来 Nalanda 的近况与活动,还有佛学分享,愿与您共勉之。 感恩合十!

Please click on the link here to visit the Chinese Language Fanpage.