Come to Nalanda “Family Fun Fair”

Come to Nalanda “Family Fun Fair”

This weekend, Nalanda will be hosting the biggest public event in Sri Serdang, and our only fund-raising event of the year – the much-loved ‘Family Fun Fair’!  This event aims to raise funds for the construction of “K. Sri Dhammananda Centre” – a new educational facility to accommodate more students at Nalanda Dhamma School.  Funds are also needed to finance free programmes run by Nalanda Institute, Dhamma School, Youth Centre, and Free School throughout the year.

'Family Fun Fair' Pre-sales.

Pre-sales of the ‘Fun Fair’ have been going on at Nalanda House during weekends in July.

Merchandise at 'Family Fun Fair'.

Lots of household items are on offer at the Pre-sales.

Pre-sales have been on-going at Nalanda House for the past few weeks; it will remain open on Friday (29 July) and Saturday (30 July), from 10am to 5pm.  On Sunday, the ‘Fun Fair’ will open at 9am with over 160 stalls presenting a wide range of home-cooked food and household items.  There will also be performances by talented students and cultural troupes.

We humbly invite you to come with family members and friends to support this event.  Have a great time at the ‘Fun Fair’ while supporting Holistic Education for the community!  Kindly SHARE this news with all your contacts, too.  Thank you and mettā.

We would like to thank Bro. Yun Wei for producing this energetic video clip to show you what the ‘Family Fun Fair’ is about.  Have a look!