Community comes together for Heritage Procession

Community comes together for Heritage Procession

Sedan bearers mindfully and carefully bear the weight with gratitude to the Buddha.

On the evening of 4 May Buddha Day, over 600 people gathered at Taman Seri Serdang for the highlight of Nalanda’s observance, the Heritage Procession.  Maintaining serenity and peace, the community walked mindfully behind the Buddha-rupam which was conveyed on a wooden sedan to the harmonious beat of drums and gongs.

Keeping the mind tranquil, devotees held candle-lights lit by the flame of the altar from Pustaka Nalanda, where the Centre’s original Shrine Hall was first set up 20 years ago.  Whilst hand-crafted paraphernalia such as parasols and flags brightened up the procession, they also signify honour and respect to the Three Jewels.

Venerable monks pay homage to the Three Jewels at the shrine in Pustaka.

Taking the light from the altar, the monks pass the flame to the light-bearers.

Monks using the same flame to light the Main Shrine on Level 1.

Lighting the candle-lights at the sedan

Hoisting the sedan from Nalanda Centre to the procession.

The colourful and stately procession was followed by stage performances by Nalanda Dhamma School students with a message of perseverance in order to live a meaningful life.  It was a truly meaningful experience and we thank everyone for your contributions and participation.  Sadhu anumodana!

The light is passed on to leaders, and devotees.

Families come together for this peaceful observance.

At the start of the procession are the Malaysia, Buddhist and Nalanda flags.

As the procession went around the vicinity, many people came out to observe the stately event.

View from the top of Nalanda Centre.

A stream of devotees in the procession.

Regardless of age, this procession provides a moment of peace to its participants.

Procession items passing Nalanda Centre after the completion of the walk.

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