Contemplate, rather than just Speculate

A Vietnamese Search & Rescue task force is part of a multi-national effort to help locate the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 - MH370.

After 4 agonizing days without certainty as to what really happened to flight MH370, it is understandable why many people are feeling frustrated over the long wait for answers. The internet is rife with many theories, speculations and criticisms.

We however should have faith in the relentless efforts of search and rescue teams from many countries, who are scouring every possible crash site over land and sea in seeking the ill-fated B777. The authorities and organizations involved are under tremendous pressure to resolve this crisis, and locate the missing passengers and crew soonest possible.

The answers we seek will be known one day after thorough investigations. The truth will eventually be told. Let us now not participate in too much speculation, but instead strengthen our spirits and continue to pray earnestly for the 239 missing people, their families, and loved ones. May we be calm and peaceable; may we remain hopeful.