Teenagers’ camp reported by Press

Teenagers’ camp reported by Press

The 4-day camp was held in Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan.

Sis. Sunanda (squatting, 5th from left) and Nalandian youths joined other organisers for the 4-day camp held in Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan.

From 2 to 5 June, Nalanda Dhamma School co-organised a dynamic Dhamma camp in Kelantan for teenagers aged 13 to 17.  The 4-day camp was attended by 122 students from all over the East-Coast state.  School Director Sis. Sunanda led her team of 8 facilitators and youths to assist in running the holiday camp.

The camp was covered by the local Chinese press – China Press (中国报) and Nanyang Siang Pao (南洋商报) – as the effect of Dhamma was visibly far-reaching for some students.  Many teenagers felt great joy in participating, and expressed deep gratitude for their parents.  There were remarkable touching scenes when the students knelt in front of their parents and bowed with reverence and appreciation, some doing this for the first time in their lives.

China Press report.

Report of the teenagers’ Dhamma camp in China Press (中国报) .

Nanyang Siang Pao (南洋商报) report.

Nanyang Siang Pao (南洋商报) also reported the same programme and praised its efficacy.

We thank both China Press and Nanyang for reporting the event, as it will relay positive messages of family harmony effected through the Dhamma to more people.