Dhamma Family leaders’ training initiated in Johor Bahru

Dhamma Family leaders undergo training to be effective facilitators.

On Saturday 22 June, Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch held its first Dhamma Family Leaders’ Training session for 18 members, getting ready for the formation of Dhamma Families in Johor Bahru later this year.  Trainees learned and discussed the Buddha’s teachings to strengthen their practice.  They were also trained in communication and facilitation skills, group dynamics, and the Nalanda Education Model.  The leaders will facilitate Dhamma Family gatherings in future to enable deeper learning and personal transformation.

Facilitating the training in Johor Bahru Branch were Nalanda Training & Enhancement Centre Director Sis. Paruadi, assisted by Sis. Lim Kah Hong.  We wish our trainees a fruitful learning journey.

Sis. Kah Hong conducting a session of the Family Leaders’ training.

Practice sessions were held for trainees to facilitate discussions and receive feedback.