Dhamma School facilitators recharge at retreat

Dhamma School facilitators recharge at retreat

Being a facilitator to children so that they can learn Dhamma is certainly a most fulfilling role.

From 11 to 13 November, 18 Dhamma School facilitators rejuvenated in their training and retreat themed ‘Refresh and Recharge’.  Guided by the School Director, Sis. See Hui Shien, they enhanced their skills and teaching approach as part of their preparations for the new 2024 school year.

Supporting each other in a variety of learning sessions spanning Pali chanting, brainstorming, service and even an ‘ExploreRace’, the facilitators have not just gained more confidence in the year ahead but also grew to understand how they can be a better ‘kalyana mitta’ to one another.

Sis. See Hui Shien leads the group in this training

On the start of their training, Sis. Nandini Tan shares some words of advice.

Small tokens of appreciation to thank the facilitators.

The group also performed service to upkeep the grounds of Wisdom Park.

Sis. Lau Wei Nee conducts a session on various approaches to facilitate the children’s learning.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our Dhamma School facilitators who have dedicated much of their time for the selfless service of propagating the Buddha’s teachings to children and teenagers.  May your dedication and compassionate actions be supportive conditions for your own spiritual journey.  Sadhu anumodana.

Come join Nalanda Dhamma School as a facilitator for the school year 2024 in our Serdang, KL and JB schools to serve the community in a meaningful role.  We invite you to apply on-line at https://forms.gle/T25eZb3PEEwQztth8. Training will be provided to all volunteers. For enquiries, please contact Sis. Lau Wei Nee at 017-898 0103. Thank you.

After the evening chanting, Sis Hui Shien leads the team in a reflection exercise.

Starting the day with morning chanting.

Sis. Hui Shien gives a briefing before the morning’s programme around Kuala Kubu Bahru.

Having the support of good spiritual friends in our life is a blessing.

Working together to complete a task of the ‘ExploreRace’.

Facilitators also personally prepared a meal for participants of the Meditation Retreat, the night before the retreat commenced.