Dhamma School trip to Kelantan

Dhamma School trip to Kelantan

Visiting the famous Wat Machimaram in Tumpat District.

During the recent school holidays in June, 80 Nalanda Dhamma School students from Sri Serdang and Johor Bahru were privileged to embark on a study tour to Kelantan.  The teenagers enjoyed many teachings by Bro. Tan while visiting Buddhist temples such as Wat Machimaram, Wat Photivihan, and Wat Mai Suwankhiri.

Bro. Tan also brought them to the Kelantan State Museum, which coincidentally held a special exhibition about the local Chinese community in Kelantan.  With its rustic scenery, rich culture, and history, touring Kelantan was indeed an enlightening experience, especially with an expert guide!

Bro. Tan guiding the facilitators and students in visiting traditional Thai temples.

Discovering the many intricate details and hidden meanings of a Thai temple.

Students trying their hands on traditional batik painting.

During the trip, Bro. Tan delivered two public teachings at Mettārama Meditation Centre and SRJK (C) Chung Hwa.  Both talks were very well received and local devotees raised many good Dhamma-related questions which were skillfully addressed by Bro. Tan.  It was indeed heartening to see the local community’s eagerness to learn and practise the Dhamma.

Early morning meditation at the beach in Pantai Geting.

We thank Bro. Tan for sharing his great knowledge and wisdom with the students.  Our wholehearted appreciation to our Kelantanese friends who helped to make this study tour such an enlightening and memorable experience for everyone!

Morning chanting at Wat Photivihan, Tumpat.

Offering thanks and blessings before having their communal lunch.