Dhamma School year starts in J. B.

Dhamma School year starts in J. B.

Flag-raising ceremony on the first day of Dhamma School.

The customary flag-raising ceremony on the first day of Dhamma School at NEO Centre J. B.

The Nalanda Dhamma School year began in Serdang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru centres simultaneously on Sunday, 3 January.  The Dhamma School in J.B. is catered for teenagers aged 13 to 17.  A total of 40 weekly sessions plus 3 special occasions are scheduled in the school calendar.

At NEO Centre Johor Bahru, facilitators and students began the first session of 2016 with the customary raising of the Buddhist flag, followed by meditation and chanting.  The students’ parents attended a separate induction course to introduce them to Nalanda’s educational philosophy and Buddhist culture.  This induction programme for parents will run for 5 weeks.

Welcoming students to the first session of Dhamma School.

Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch Chairman Bro. Yap welcoming students to the first School session.

Dhamma School parents' 5-week induction programme.

Dhamma School parents had their own separate induction programme to gradually introduce them to Buddhist culture and Nalanda philosophy.

We warmly welcome all facilitators, students and parents (back) to Nalanda Dhamma School.  May all of us enjoy a spiritually progressive and uplifting year ahead!