Dharma School facilitators surprised by their students

Dharma School facilitators surprised by their students

Everyone reciting blessings to wish all teachers good health and spiritual progress.

A teacher is often compared to a candle that consumes itself to light the path for others.  On Sunday 18 May, the candles that keep Nalanda Dharma School perpetually bright received a pleasant surprise!

Without any inkling, facilitators attended the School session only to be greeted with a Teacher’s Day celebration both at Sri Serdang and Nalanda KL Branches.  The highlight of the celebration was a traditional tea-offering ceremony.  Students ceremoniously served tea to their teachers and parents out of respect and appreciation.

Students offering tea to their teachers.

The creative students also expressed their gratitude by reciting poems, singing and a drama performance.  They also showed a video presentation acknowledging the hard work and dedication of every Dharma School facilitator.

The facilitators were truly touched by the day’s events.  The esteem, respect and love shown by their earnest students made the celebration such an unforgettable experience for everyone! Thank you all.

Parents too were offered tea by their children, as they are the 'first teachers' to every child.