Dharma School Mission to Kelantan

The Nalanda Dharma School team receiving the flag to embark on their mission.

A team of 12 Nalandians led by Dharma School Director Sis. Sunanda Ong left Nalanda Centre at 8.00pm this evening for an overnight train ride to Kelantan.  The Nalanda team comprising 3 teachers and 9 all-boys student group will stay in Bachok, Kelantan for 5 days to conduct a Dhamma camp for local teenagers.  In the meantime, Sis. Sunanda will also conduct a separate training session for Kelantanese Dhamma School volunteer-teachers.

Bro. Tan, Sis. Nandini, Sugandha, and Lee Kuen were at Nalanda Centre to send off the team.  Bro. Tan wished everyone good health and alertness while conducting the camp.  Sis. Nandini then handed over the Nalanda Flag to Student Captain Chan Zhen Shun to officially launch the ‘Dhammaduta Tour’ to Kelantan.  We wish the Nalanda Dharma School team a safe journey and great success in your mission!  Have a wonderful and enjoyable camp!

Bro. Tan wishing the team "all the best" in their mission. May you have a great time in Kelantan!