Earthquake hits Hualien, Taiwan

Earthquake hits Hualien, Taiwan

The foundation of a hotel in downtown Hualien gave way and it faces imminent collapse.

A deadly magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck the eastern Taiwanese city of Hualien close to midnight yesterday (6 February), causing buildings to collapse with people trapped within them.  So far, two people were confirmed dead, more than 200 injured, and some others missing.

The earthquake happened exactly two years after a strong earthquake hit Kaoshiung in southern Taiwan on 6 February 2016, causing 117 deaths back then.

Rescue workers search frantically for survivors and those trapped within collapsed buildings.

The city of Hualien is where the headquarters of Tzu Chi Merit Society is located, and it has many popular tourist areas.  Let us pray that the people of Hualien are free from harm and danger, with those missing found, and the injured recover soonest.  Sotthi.