Enriching Moments with Reader’s Theatre

Enriching Moments with Reader’s Theatre

On 1 December, the atmosphere was instantly transformed into a theatre for two fulfilling hours during the story-telling workshop conducted by the always hilarious and well-experienced Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama (fondly known as Uncle Vijaya), Director of Nalanda Institute Malaysia.

During the concluding session for the year, Uncle Vijaya gave his insightful feedback and constructive comments as he watched the Reader’s Theatre and story-telling presentations performed by the participants.

Uncle Vijaya demonstrated some of the essential expressions during the presentation.

Uncle Vijaya stressed that it was essential for us to enunciate our words properly as it can affect the entertainment value of our presentation.  He also reminded the participants that it is vital to use different intonations in their presentations.  It was indeed a joyful and fresh experience for all the participants.

The participants are prepared with props during the presentation.