‘Every Passenger has a Family’

‘Every Passenger has a Family’

The family and relatives of Firman Siregar await news at his family home in Medan, Indonesia.

The photograph above was taken at the family home of Firman Chandra Siregar in Medan.  Firman is Indonesian, and one of the passengers on board MH370.  His relatives, neighbours and friends have been gathering at his house to await news of the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

Every one of the 239 people on board MH370 that went missing on 8 March has a family.  Each of them has loved ones, relatives, and friends.  Everyone has a life-story.

As we agonize over the lack of news and certainty over the incident, let us be mindful that the families of the 239 victims must be even more anxious to know the fate of their loved ones. Please continue to give moral support to the families of the missing crew and passengers, as well as to the rescue personnel who are looking for them.

While we may have opinions on how the tragedy is being handled, we should understand that much is being done behind the scenes to ensure the speedy location of the ill-fated airplane.  Let us be thoughtful in our speech and actions in this challenging period, and remain united in compassion and loving-kindness.

Let us pray more.