Experiential learning for BPS 306 participants

Experiential learning for BPS 306 participants

In the 2 days, BPS participants got to know their fellow students better, forming the initial bonds of spiritual friendships.

On 18 & 19 June, 50 participants and volunteers of BPS 306 – Certificate in Buddhist Studies joined a two-day retreat at Wisdom Park hosted by Nalanda Institute.

Having completed the series of lectures, assignments, reflections and evaluation, participants had the opportunity to experience for themselves aspects of the Buddhist way of life, and also deepen their Dhamma learning.

Upon arrival at Wisdom Park, everyone joined the morning chanting to start the retreat spiritually.

Sis. Nandini Tan welcomed participants and briefed them on the retreat’s programme.

Activities started with an outdoor learning programme. Here, participants were reflecting on their experience at one of the pavillions.

Participants joyously planted trees, with the sincere wish that it will grow well and be a refuge to many beings.

In the Dhamma talks, Achariya Tan Siang Chye shared that the foundations of a meritorious wholesome life is gained by establishing goodness through the practice of dāna (generosity), sīla (morality), and bhavana (mental cultivation).  When we are grounded by these practices on a daily basis, we ensure that Dhamma is a constant and active source of inspiration at all points in our lives.

We thank participants of BPS 306 for joining this short but fruitful retreat.  May you continue your Dhamma journey with earnestness in practice and service.  May you be well and happy.

Ach. Siang Chye emphasised on the importance of maintaining mindfulness in our daily activities, and the benefits of keeping our mind in the present moment to hone clarity.

Sis. Paruadi led one of the group discussions, as participants reflected on what they can do to build in Buddhist practices in their daily lives.

Sis. Santi Cheang encouraged participants to gradually increase time spent on learning and practicing Dhamma, so that these efforts are sustainable.

In the early hours of the morning on 19 June, participants joined the mindful walk.

Sis. Sandy Lim reminded participants of the benefits of morning chanting.

Ach. Siang Chye gave participants guidance on how they can observe mindful eating.

In the rejoicing session, participants shared how grateful they were in having the opportunity to learn and experience Dhamma living.