Felicitations – Singapore’s 49th National Day

Felicitations – Singapore’s 49th National Day

Nalanda wishes 'Happy National Day' to all our Singaporean friends!

Today is the Republic of Singapore’s 49th National Day.  Nalandians would like to wish our Singaporean friends a joyous celebration with unity of purpose and harmony of interests.

Singapore is widely regarded today as a prosperous developed country.  But there is much more to ‘prosperity’ and ‘development’ than making economic and social progress.  It is essential that a nation becomes stronger not just financially and politically, but also spiritually.  For that, Buddhist organizations in Singapore have a lot to contribute to its national development.

As Singaporean society become more sophisticated, Buddhist organizations may need to adopt ingenious approaches to spiritual education and Dhamma propagation.  Fortunately, Singapore has a wealth of resourceful Buddhist leaders – both monastic and laity – to serve the religious needs of the nation adequately.

May the Buddha-Sāsana continue to grow steadily in Singapore and everywhere else for the welfare and happiness of the many!  Sabbe sattā sukhihontu.