Food offering to the community

We invite you to participate in this annual mass food offering to experience the joy of giving with respect.

Every year on Wesak ‘Buddha Day’, Nalanda members and devotees are encouraged to cook and prepare meals to offer to visitors so as to cultivate loving-kindness, generosity and humility.  Not only do we prepare the food with mettā, we are also the ones personally offering it to the public with respect.  This mass food offering has been a Nalandian tradition since our inception.

We rejoice in knowing many people who received food in the past are now offering food to others in return.  This wholesome act befits the occasion when we recollect the teachings of the Buddha on sharing our good fortune and caring for other people.

This annual mass food offering will be held on Tuesday, 29 May, from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm.  We invite you to participate in it to experience the joy of giving with respect. If you would like to take part, please call Sis. Nandinī at 03-8938-1500 for more information.  Let’s honour the Buddha the best way by learning and practising the Dhamma with proper understanding.

To see the full programme of Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ celebrations at Nalanda Centre, please visit: ‘Buddha Day’ Programmes 2018.  All are welcome!