Forum on Mental Well-being

Forum on Mental Well-being

The forum provided participants with various insights to achieve mental well-being.

On 7 October, Nalanda Institute organised a Dhamma forum themed the ‘Path to Mental Well-being’, in conjunction with ‘World Mental Health Day’.  The forum aimed to address the mental-health crisis that the world is facing today.

The forum speakers – Nalanda founder, Bro. Tan; consultant psychiatrist Dr.Phang Cheng Kar; and psychologist Ms. May Liu – discussed how one can recognise and overcome mental suffering.  Dr.Phang advised the audience to empathise with those in mental distress; we should provide them with the right support as good friends or relatives.  Ms. Liu focused her presentation on family dynamics, especially parents’ own mental stability which greatly affect their children’s emotional development.

Forum speakers sharing the challenges and ways to overcome mental stress based on their expertise and experience.

Bro. Tan reminded us that suffering and unhappiness are common phenomena in life; the key point is being able to cope with it.  The Buddha’s teaching is about overcoming the causes of ‘dukkha’ (suffering) through internalising Dhamma – especially (starting with) Right Views and Right Thoughts.  Putting aside restlessness in the mind and quieting our proliferations, we can achieve peace and tranquillity of mind.

Bro. Tan explained that we can build our resilience to stress when we live in accordance to the Dhamma.

Participants sought clarification from the speakers to better understand how they can help themselves and others be free from mental suffering.

We thank the speakers, moderator Achariya Tan Siang Chye, and the participative audience for a lively, insightful, and meaningful discussion on this important subject.  Sadhu anumodana!

We are grateful to the moderator and speakers for their time and sharing in this forum.