Free School teachers prepare for new academic year

Free School teachers prepare for new academic year

Thank you to our Free School teachers and volunteers for your selfless service.

On Saturday 18 March, Nalanda Free School teachers and volunteers gathered to prepare for the new school year, which starts today.  The School’s Principal Dr. Chwee Fang and Coordinator Sis. Nandini, welcomed all teachers, thanking them for their time and effort to make a difference in the lives of the students, especially those who struggle with their learning.

The meeting commenced with an invocation for a fruitful & harmonious discussion.

Dr. Chwee Fang welcomes everyone and expresses her appreciation for their service.

The teachers also had the opportunity to learn from an experienced educator of 38 years, Teacher Chua on how one can better connect with students using kind language, encouragement and through having sincere care for them.  A teacher’s role extends beyond merely imparting knowledge, to being a mentor and a friend to students in need.

We extend our appreciation to Teacher Chua for her valuable sharing, and also to our Free School teachers and volunteers for being a part of this community outreach programme.  With the first classes starting this evening, we wish our students a successful academic year ahead.  Happy learning!

Teacher Chua shares her experience in connecting with children.

Teachers can relate to the various situations in working with children, as they learn about the ways to better help their students.

Free School teachers were also able to ask Teacher Chua questions to clarify.

Sis. Nandini presents a token of appreciation to Teacher Chua.