Gearing up for a wholesome year in 2024’s first Members’ Day

Gearing up for a wholesome year in 2024’s first Members’ Day

Nalanda members wish you a happy and joyful year ahead!

On Sunday 28 January, Nalanda members gathered at Nalanda Centre for the Society’s first Members’ Day of the year.  It was an energetic event as the members were still in high spirits after the fruitful Members’ Convention last month.

In this reunion of kalyana mittas,  Sis. Buddhini Tan President of the Society shared the continued efforts of the Society to provide Dhamma learning programmes including the 2nd National Dhamma School Teachers Camp and the launch of Family Dhamma School in Johor Bahru.  With the support of leaders, members and volunteers, we are gearing up to progress towards a Buddhist missionary.

Welcoming new members to the family – Sis. Seow Shu Shan and Sis. Chua Wan Min.

Members rejoiced in Bro. Chong Jin Jie recent sojourn as a temporary monk in a forest monastery in Thailand.

President Sis. Buddhinī Tan delivering a speech on the latest developments of the Society.

Honorary Secretary Sis. Livin Leow encouraged members to invite their family members to participate in wholesome opportunities at Nalanda during the upcoming reunions over the Lunar New Year.

Sis. Joanne Tan, from the Board of Directors of Nalanda Book Cafe sharing the latest developments of the long-running restaurant.

Joyful reunion of members.

Ach. S. Vijaya, Chairman Emeritus of Nalanda Education Committee, expressed his admiration to all Nalanda members for all the efforts and hard work in Dhamma propagation.  He shared that we can give rise to happiness when we moderate our desires and wants because we will be contented and at ease with what we have; we will even look for opportunities to help others who are in need.

We thank all members for attending this gathering and for your dedication to serve the Buddha-Sāsana.  It was another fruitful Members’ Day with opportunities to learn, reflect, and to improve ourselves as individuals and as a community.

Achariya Vijaya graced the occasion and urged members to practise simplicity, modesty and moderation over the Lunar New Year celebration.

Celebrating Achariya Vijaya’s 84th birthday.

Celebrating Achariya Vijaya’s 84th birthday.