Get involved and be inspired

Get involved and be inspired

Joyful participation by members of the community during ‘pre-sales’.

Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ brings the entire community together every year, to support the singular mission of holistic education.  This year’s fair is on 28 July and funds raised will be used for the construction of ‘Wisdom Park’ – an educational facility to train competent Dhamma teachers and leaders, and to expand the operations of Nalanda Institute, Dhamma School and Free School.

Sponsors, supporters and volunteers are stepping forward in high spirits to offer their resources and time.  Whether young or old, everyone is inspired by the opportunity to do good.  Dhamma School students and youths have also stepped up to plan, seek sponsorship and deliver their ideas; building courage and grit along the way.

We joyfully invite you to join the ‘Family Fun Fair’ as an active participant.  You can set up stalls, serve as a volunteer, help sell coupons, make donations in cash or kind and bring your loved ones to support the fair.  ‘Pre-sales’ are held from 11am to 4pm on Saturdays and 12pm to 4pm on Sundays.

For more information, please call Nalanda Centre at 03-8938 1500; or contact :

Sis. Gioh Gik Choo – 013 269 0327
Bro. Alex Loo – 019 225 5919