Good Preparation leads to Good Results!

Good Preparation leads to Good Results!

11 August 2012

Youthful participation with gusto

‘Get Ready!’ Examination Preparation Seminars

With examinations just around the corner, it is only natural for students to feel tension and worry building up. Stress in the right amount can motivate students to start getting serious with their studies, but excessive stress can hinder learning and sap their energy. Knowing this and the importance of mental wellbeing, Nalanda Free School conducted two workshops on 11 August for UPSR and PMR students.

The seminars were well attended, and the participants had loads of fun. The workshops emphasised relaxation techniques that would come in handy for the students to stay calm and focused during the examinations. Both seminars were conducted by Nalanda Free School volunteer counsellors.

Students and counsellor engaged in a dynamic and interactive session

Sober contemplation of the examination ahead

To all UPSR and PMR students, study well and do your best in the upcoming exam!