Happy National Day, Singapore

Happy National Day, Singapore

Singapore at 51.

Nalanda wishes our Singaporean friends a joyous National Day celebration, today.

Today marks the Republic of Singapore’s 51st anniversary of independence.  Due to our long, common history, Malaysia and Singapore share so many peculiar attributes.  Our two countries’ past had been uniquely intertwined; and so is our future.  A thriving and prosperous Singapore is good for Malaysia, and vice versa.

Thus, we are happy for Singapore’s achievements in many fields which are globally recognized.  As close neighbours and brothers, we should always have a sense of ‘Muditā’ – sympathetic joy – for each other’s success.

We would like to wish our Singaporean friends and citizens a cheerful celebration of their 51st National Day!  May your nation continue to flourish in every sphere – “Majulah Singapura”.