Happy Outing to the National Zoo

Happy Outing to the National Zoo

Nalanda Free School students and teachers having a great time visiting Zoo Negara.

On Friday 12 June, Nalanda Free School organized an outing for primary school students to Zoo Negara (National Zoo) in Kuala Lumpur.  31 students participated in this learning trip, accompanied by 5 teachers and facilitators.  This special outing was meant as a ‘reward’ for younger Free School students who had full-attendance since classes began in January.

Our students were happy to meet Pandas, Xing Xing and Liang Liang living in a special enclosure and during their lunch time, too!  Both Pandas were seen enjoying their ‘bamboo’ lunch; while our students were excited yet well-behaved as no noise was allowed inside.

Students getting to know the Pandas at their special enclosure.

Students also got to learn about critically endangered species such as the Malayan tiger (background).

Besides learning about the habitat and behaviour of various animals, students were ‘enchanted’ by the beautiful rare butterflies found in the Butterfly Garden.  Everyone also enjoyed an interesting animal show performed by well-trained sea lions, an eagle, and parrots.  The learning trip was indeed full of laughter and joy for students and teachers alike!

Students experience feeding the 'banteng', a beautiful wild cattle native to Southeast Asia.

Teachers and students having a great time interacting out of the classroom during the outing.

Facilitators and teachers on the trip to Zoo Negara, led by Free School Chief Co-ordinator Sis. Nandini Tan (2nd from right).