Have a joyful ‘Buddha Jayanti’

Have a joyful ‘Buddha Jayanti’

Happy is the appearance of Buddhas.

Sukho Buddhanaṃ Uppado!’ – Happy is the appearance of Buddhas.

Nalanda wishes all Buddhists throughout the world a joyful and peaceful ‘Buddha Day’.  May good teachers continue to inspire us to discover the essence of Dhamma, so that more people follow the Noble Path to Liberation from suffering.

“The Buddha taught Dhamma out of compassion for the world… for the welfare and happiness of the many.  He clearly explained what suffering is; its true causes; its cessation; and the direct path to its cessation.

“Thus during this Vesakha full-moon period commemorating the Buddha’s Enlightenment, we must try our best to practise and experience the Dhamma that leads to the end of suffering.  By learning, understanding, and practising Dhamma, we pay the highest homage to the Buddha to whom we are full of gratitude.” – Bro. Tan, Nalanda founder.