He who lived wisely inspires eternally

He who lived wisely inspires eternally

He inspires eternally.

10 years after his passing, the late Ven. Dhammananda still inspires Buddhists with his wisdom and noble qualities as a monk and teacher.

The late Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda continues to inspire many Buddhists even 10 years after his death.  The memorial service held in his honour yesterday was testimony to that – the large crowd that attended the service occupied 3 floors of Nalanda Centre.

Devotees who knew the late Venerable personally spoke of his wisdom, kindness, warmth, and wit in communicating with people.  Devotees who had not met Ven. Dhammananda also spoke appreciatively about his teachings which they gained from his books and recordings of Dhamma-talk.

Indeed, Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda was a rare gem who encapsulated many noble qualities of a ‘kalyana-mitta’ (good spiritual friend). He was a wonderful teacher to us – sharing his vast knowledge in a patient, gradual, and understandable way.  Let us joyfully dedicate the merits of our meritorious deeds to him – thank you, Bhante!