Huge storm threatens Taiwan and China

Huge storm threatens Taiwan and China

Super Typhoon Meranti's storm path.

Satelite imagery showing Meranti’s expected storm path on Monday, 12 September.

Super Typhoon “Meranti”, which is the strongest storm anywhere in the world in 3 years, is expected to hit the southern coast of Taiwan today.  Packing wind speeds of over 350kmh, “Meranti” threatens to bring devastation to Taiwan and Mainland China.

Typhoon Meranti's path.

Graphics showing Typhoon Meranti’s possible path and affected region.

Many families there who are looking forward to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow have to instead brace themselves for this mighty peril.

Super Typhoon 'Meranti'.

The worst of “Meranti” is expected to hit Southern Taiwan today. Heavy rain brought by the super typhoon already drenched the island.

Let us pray for the safety of millions of people in the threatened regions across both sides of Taiwan Straits.  May beings be free from harm and danger; may all be safe and calm.