“I’m so Blessed!” Teenagers’ Development Camp

23 – 26 December 2011

I'm so Blessed! Teenagers' Development Camp

Blessed in the beginning, blessed in the middle, and blessed in the end, the “I’m so Blessed!” camp, under the guidance of Samanera Amaranatho, showered some 32 participants aged 13 to 18, with torrents of joy and gratitude.

Organized by the BCA, the 4-day camp which was held over the long Christmas weekend at Nalanda Centre is part of the Teens’ Development Programme – Creating Community, Celebrating Individuality. The programme aims at churning out wholesome youths who appreciate the virtues of gratitude and count their blessings as a way of life, thereby putting into practice wholesome acts of appreciation for whatever comes their way, and turning adversities in their path into positive tools to equip themselves to become stronger and better people.

Indeed, at the conclusion of the camp, we witness showers of blessings all round, as participants found for themselves one of the highest blessings as stated in the Mangala Sutta, i.e. having kalyana mittas!