Imbuing our education mission on Nalanda Education Day

Imbuing our education mission on Nalanda Education Day

Nalanda educators gather together with members to achieve a deeper clarity into our roles in delivering our common mission.

Nalanda ‘Education Day’ is observed on 11 December annually, and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Nalanda “Education Philosophy”.  This model which governs our personal and organisational development and programmes calls for a holistic approach in education, balancing and combining knowledge, skills, values and culture, hence leading to integral development of people.

To lead a meaningful life, education must go beyond secular academics to education of the heart which shapes a person’s values and purpose, in order to be a valuable member of the community.  On this observance day, Nalanda educators and members are now  gathered to strengthen and renew our spirit to deliver the collective mission in availing holistic educational platforms for the community.

On this Observance Day, Nalanda members perform ‘Achariya Abhivadana’ at the Memorial Pavilion dedicated to our late spiritual adviser Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda.

Ach. Tan Siang Chye recollects how Ven. Dhammananda stayed true to his mission to propagate the Dhamma even when he was weak and sickly.

Essential to this mission, is our personal growth through imbuing our lives with Dhamma principles and cultivating heightened awareness.  Let us each become a beacon to light the Dhamma path for the prolongation of the Buddha-Sāsana.  Happy Nalanda Education Day!