In the spirit of humanity and goodwill

In the spirit of humanity and goodwill

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This beautiful South American city will be hosting the biggest sporting event of the world in 2016 – the XXXI Summer Olympiad.

Half way across the world today, the XXXI Olympiad will showcase its Opening Ceremony at 7pm local time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Every four years, some of the best athletes on Earth come together to compete in their chosen sports in amity and peace.  The true spirit of the Olympic Games is not about winning medals or glory for one’s race, but in promoting friendship across nations and peoples, as well as to unite humanity in sportsmanship and goodwill.

We hope all sportsmen and sportswomen who are participating in the Rio Olympics can live up to the original creed of the Games.  May they compete healthily and safely, be free of harm and danger, and have sympathetic joy for each other’s achievements.  In this way, whoever wins the gold medal, wins it for the entire human race.

Enjoy this Olympic season!