Interfaith Dialogue at UPM, Serdang

Interfaith Dialogue at UPM, Serdang

Bro. Tan representing the Buddhist community to speak at the UPM Interfaith Dialogue.

On Friday 24 April, Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan was invited to speak at an Interfaith Dialogue organized by the Muslim Students Association of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang.  The theme of the dialogue was, “Can religion achieve Peace and Happiness?”

Bro. Tan explained the Buddhist concept of happiness – which is multi-layered and mostly ‘conditioned’ – from the basal, sensual delights to more and more subtle forms of joy, and ultimately to the ‘unconditioned’, greatest happiness of ‘Nibbāna’ (Pāli, ‘Nibbānam paramam sukham’).

The speakers and organisers of the Interfaith Dialog having a group photograph after the forum.

Also represented at the dialogue were the Muslim, Catholic, and Hindu speakers.  Members of the UPM Buddhist Society were at the forum as well to lend their support.  It was a delightful gathering of hearts and minds to explore the very raison d’être of religion – the attainment of Peace and Happiness.

Members of the UPM Buddhist Society also attended the Interfaith Dialogue to lend their support.