It’s Bigger & Better this year!

It’s Bigger & Better this year!

We welcome everyone to visit and support Nalanda 'Family Fun Fair' on 24 August 2014. Thank you!

The much-anticipated ‘NALANDA FAMILY FUN FAIR’ is just 2 weeks away!  This year’s ‘Family Fun Fair’ will be the biggest ever held in Sri Serdang, with over 160 stalls offering a wide range of food, beverages, household items, handicrafts, and merchandise.  There will also be cultural performances and a ‘talent-time’ show.  In short, it is going to be a wonderful outing for families and friends while supporting a noble cause!

The ‘Family Fun Fair’ aims to raise funds for our “Building Expansion Project” to finance the current extension of Nalanda Centre to twice its size.  Funds are also needed to finance Nalanda’s many community-based educational programmes run by Nalanda Institute, Dharma School and Free School.

We invite you, your family members and friends to support this event by:

  • Buying the ‘Fun Fair’ coupons at RM10 per booklet
  • Helping to sell the coupons
  • Making a donation to the event or to the Society
  • Setting up a stall to sell food, beverages or suitable merchandise
  • Becoming a volunteer on the event day

For more information on the ‘Family Fun Fair’, please feel free to contact any one of Nalanda’s representatives below:

  • Mr. Lee Teck Beng – 016-235-9333
  • Mdm. Chooi Kum Ying – 012-268-3376
  • Mdm. Gioh Gik Choo – 013-269-0327

Please SHARE this news with all your family members, friends and contacts, and support this beneficial cause for Education!  Thank you and mettā.