JB Free School Appreciation Night

JB Free School Appreciation Night

We rejoice in the wonderful efforts of both teachers and students in the Free School.

On Monday 20 November, Nalanda Free School Johor Bahru teachers, students and parents gathered for the annual ‘Appreciation Night’.  Sis. Alice Yap, Coordinator of the Free School in JB hosted this joyful event to celebrate the progress of the students throughout the year, recognising improvements in their academic subjects, as well as values such as kindness and helpfulness.

In turn, students showed their appreciation to the Free School teachers who had dedicated much of their own time to help students progress.  The selfless efforts of all our teachers had and continues to make a difference to each and every student now and in the past.

Sis. Alice gives an update of the Free School progress throughout the year.

Tokens presented by the teachers to reward the students for their progress and attendance.

Tokens to reward the students for their progress and attendance.

Sis. Ong thanks Sis. Alice for all her efforts in ensuring the Free School operations run smoothly.

Sis. Alice introduces a student’s artwork which also is accompanied by a story written by the student himself.

Performances by students for their parents and teachers.

Congratulations to the students who have studied hard and done well in school.  We take this opportunity to extend our thanks to Sis. Alice, volunteer teachers, helpers and parents for their support of the school. Sadhu anumodana.

Students obtain tokens of appreciation prepared for the teachers.

Students thank their teachers for all their help.

Teachers share their reflections and joy in being able to serve in the School.

Teachers are very encouraged by the participation of the students in the Free School classes.

Students have also formed bonds of friendship at Free School.

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