JB Free School celebrates Teacher’s Day

JB Free School celebrates Teacher’s Day

Nalanda Free School volunteer teachers and students gather to celebrate Teacher's Day in May.

In conjunction with Teacher’s Day in May, Nalanda Free School at NEO Centre Johor Bahru celebrated the occasion in honour of our volunteer teachers for 3 days from 18 May to 20 May.  The teachers were surprised by their students as they were not informed of the planned celebration.

The programme began at 7.30pm where students assembled in the Shrine Hall and sat silently in meditation.  Nalanda Free School Coordinator Sis. Rainbow gave the students a briefing of the programme, after which they proceeded to their classes to write messages of gratitude on the white board for their teachers.

The programme as usual started with meditation for students to calm their minds.

Free School Co-ordinator Sis. Rainbow briefing students on the programme and surprise celebration.

In a separate session, teachers were treated to a simple dinner and were ushered to the classroom by volunteers.  Students in different classes tried various ways of welcoming and surprising their teachers – some by switching off the lights and wishing the teachers ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ in unison when the door opened.  Some younger ones even hid under their tables and sprung up when the teacher arrived in the classroom!

Students writing messages of gratitude for their teachers on the white-board in every classroom.

Volunteers later brought in beverages to classes.  Every student served tea to his teacher as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for the devotion to teaching.  Teachers and students had fun time together enjoying light refreshment while interacting in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.  This was also meant to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen the relationship between teachers and students.

Students bringing light refreshment to celebrate with their teacher and classmates.

The volunteer teachers were very touched by the surprise celebration and happy with the event which allowed them to get to know their students better.  Towards the end of the programme, NEO Centre Free School Vice Principal Sis. Ong presented tokens of appreciation to the teachers for their contribution, and also to Free School Coordinator, Sis. Rainbow Ng, for her unwavering effort in planning and coordinating the activities of the Free School.

We wish all teachers the best of health, joy and peace to carry on with your excellent work.  May you continue to be an inspiration to all of us.   “Thank you, teachers!”

Students cheering their teacher for her dedication to teaching. Sadhu!

Happy teachers and student at Nalanda Free School celebrating another meaningful Teacher's Day. Anumodana!