Joyful moments at Family Fun Fair

Adults, youths and teenagers worked well together at the Fun Fair.

As the happiness and satisfaction lingers on days after Nalanda Family Fun Fair 2019 for our organisers and volunteers, we invited friends and family to share their memorable snapshots at the Fun Fair on our Facebook page.  We post their photos below, as joyful moments are indeed to be shared!

Let us rejoice over these wholesome memories and recollect the harmonious gathering of family, friends as well as the fantastic support of the community.  Sadhu anumodana!

Students from Dhamma School Librarian Club prepared weeks in advance.

“A wholesome yet fun day to fondly remember.”

“Such a meaningful event for a wholesome cause!”

We thank ‘Joyful Volunteers’ for their wonderful support.

Happiness is in doing selfless service with good friends.

“Dirty Difficult Dangerous…but nonetheless Dhamma!”

“Joyful Service at Volunteer Counter.”

Students from Nalanda Dhamma School for Adults manned four stalls.

Thumbs-up as the whole family enjoys a day out.

Tadika Nalanda’s young students and teachers also chipped in at the Fun Fair.