Joyful preparations for Family Fun Fair

Joyful preparations for Family Fun Fair

Dhamma School Students prepare to sell plants at the Fair, which they personally cultivate.

Nalanda Dhamma School students have been revving up their creativity and collaboration to prepare for the Family Fun Fair.  This year’s Fun Fair, which will be held on Sunday, 28 July from 9am to 4pm, aims to raise funds for the construction of ‘Wisdom Park’ – an educational facility to train competent Dhamma teachers and leaders, and to expand the operations of Nalanda Institute, Dhamma School and Free School.

Our young students have courageously put their best ideas into action, with the guidance of the School’s facilitators.  Working in harmony and with high-spirits, they have already commenced ‘pre-sales’, carefully preparing meals and selling various food items.  They are also putting in extensive efforts to cultivate plants and hand-paint canvas bags to be offered at the Dhamma School stalls.

Students prepared for ‘pre-sales’ together, after the Dhamma School learning session on Sunday.

Canvas bags are meticulously hand-painted by our students. Each piece is unique.

Dhamma School students decorated ‘care bags’ for the community outreach to charitable homes.

Come with your friends and family to support Nalanda Family Fun Fair on 28 July 2019!

We invite you and your loved ones to the ‘pre-sales’ on weekends and to the Family Fun Fair on 28 July to support a noble and beneficial cause.  Coupons for the Fun Fair can be obtained from Nalanda Centre, and they can be used immediately in the ‘Pre-Sales’ this Saturday (11am – 4pm) and Sunday (12pm – 4pm).

For more information, please call Sis. Gioh Gik Choo (013 269 0327), Bro. Alex Loo (019 225 5919), or Nalanda Centre at 03-8938 1500.  Thank you.