Junior Dharma School opens in Sri Serdang

Junior Dharma School opens in Sri Serdang

Happy students aged 10 to 12 starting their first day at Nalanda Junior Dharma School.

On Sunday 15 March, Nalanda Dharma School (N.D.S.) marked another important milestone with the opening of the much-anticipated ‘Nalanda Junior Dharma School’ based at Nalanda House, Sri Serdang.  This is the fourth Dharma School operated by Nalanda, following the establishment of N.D.S. in 2005, the Junior School in Happy Garden, and the recently-opened teenagers school in Johor Bahru.

School Facilitators and seniors waiting at Nalanda House for the arrival of students. The '5-coloured Buddhist Banner' was specially put up to mark the first day of School.

In Sri Serdang, the Junior Dharma School is specially catered for older children aged 10 to 12.  On the first day of School, the Honorary Secretary of Nalanda Buddhist Society Bro. Pee Che Yong was invited to officiate the commencement session by ringing the School bell.  Bro. Pee warmly welcomed the new students and remarked that he was happy to see the growth of N.D.S. over the past decade, and has now spread its wings to Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.  He advised the students to learn Dhamma well and be good, noble persons.

Nalanda's Honorary Secretary Bro. Pee ringing the School bell to 'launch' the Junior School.

Nalanda Dharma School Director Sis. Sunanda Ong giving a lively teaching to students.

The Director of Nalanda Dharma School Sis. Sunanda gave a spirited sharing to the students with live demonstrations.  The fun ice-breaking games were enjoyed by students and facilitators alike.  We rejoice over the good effort of the School Facilitators in guiding the students on the path of learning and practising the Dhamma.  Sadhu anumodana!

Students and facilitators enjoying ice-breaking games. Over the course of the day, everyone got to know each other better!