K. Sri Dhammananda – 102th Birthday

The late Venerable Dhammananda was the Sangha Nāyaka Thera of Malaysia and Spiritual Adviser to Nalanda Buddhist Society since our inception.

Today marks the 102th birth anniversary of the late Venerable Kirinde Sri Dhammananda, the Sangha Nāyaka Thera of Malaysia.  As usual, the traditional ‘Achariya Abhivadāna’ (‘Homage to the teacher’) was performed at Nalanda Centre this morning to offer reverence with deep gratitude to our late Spiritual Adviser.  Unfortunately, due to the current Restricted Movement Order imposed in Malaysia, the ceremony could not be open to the public this year.

The late Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda was a towering figure in the Theravāda community.  His talks and writings influenced a whole generation of Malaysian Buddhists to embrace a positive and progressive outlook of Buddhism.  Inspired by his spiritual leadership, many Buddhist organisations were established since the 1960’s, and they continue to provide vital services to the Buddha-Sāsana till this day.

We encourage everyone to read a Dhamma book or listen to a recorded talk of the late venerable, and dedicate our merits to him with much gratefulness.  May his shining legacy continue to illuminate the spiritual path for all of us.