K. Sri Dhammananda Memorial Day

K. Sri Dhammananda Memorial Day

May Venerable Dhammananda attain the bliss of Peace – Santi.

Today, 31 August 2020 marks the 14th anniversary of the passing away of Nalanda’s late Spiritual Advisor – Venerable Dr. Kirinde Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Thero.  Venerable Dhammananda played a significant role in the development of Buddhism in Malaysia and dedicated his life to bring Buddha-Dhamma to millions all over the world.

Beloved by many, Venerable Dhammananda continues to be a source of inspiration today.  His missionary spirit prevails through his disciples and students who have been selflessly propagating Dhamma for the benefit of the community.  Let us pay humble tribute to this great teacher by recollecting his teachings and by practising them diligently!

“The quality of life is more important than mere material acquisitions.  The quality of life is primarily the quality of our minds.  How we are living today may be more important to us than many other external things… This is one thing we take with us.  This is the one inheritance that we do not leave behind for others:

I am the owner of my karma, heir to my karma,

Born of my karma, related to my karma, abide and supported by my karma.

Whatever karma I shall do, for good or for ill,

Of that I will be the heir.”

– Excerpt from a talk by Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda.