‘Kalyana mittā’ at ‘Family Fun Fair’

‘Kalyana mittā’ at ‘Family Fun Fair’


Our friends from Kelantan closing their successful charity sales for the day.

During Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’, we were glad and motivated to receive various support from our friends who came from afar.  Our Kelantanese devotees comprising of 4 adults and 6 students arrived at Nalanda Centre on Friday, 7 August and helped earnestly with the preparations.


Our friend from Singapore, Sis. Pollyn, happily assisting in selling millet dumplings.

Our friends from Perak, Terengganu and Singapore also came to lend us their tireless and joyful support towards this noble cause.  We appreciate your presence and contribution.  Thank you ‘kalyana mittā’!  Sadhu anumodana.


Our Kelantanese friends having fun making sugar cane juice.