Learning & Service on Nalanda ‘Education Day’

Learning & Service on Nalanda ‘Education Day’

Bro. Tan delivering a Dhamma teaching before the start of gardening activities.

Annually, 11 December is celebrated as Nalanda ‘Education Day’.  On this day, we mark the anniversary of the launching of Nalanda’s “Education Philosophy” which calls for a holistic approach in education — balancing and combining knowledge, skills, values and culture, thus leading to integral development of people.

To commemorate this day, Nalandians gathered at Wisdom Park to give their service and learn Dhamma.  From early morning, Dhamma School students, youths and members worked together joyously in gardening.  In the afternoon, everyone had a Dhamma-learning session and discussed how they can contribute to building a harmonious community.

Nalandians preparing the grounds for the grass planting.

Volunteers working side by side, supporting and caring for one another.

Everyone was focused on the task at hand and did their best to do their part.

Sis. Paru sharing about the two types of harmony; supportive and destructive harmony.

Teenagers discuss on the qualities they want to develop to create supportive harmony.

The group discussed that destructive harmony is common whilst effort is needed to have supportive harmony where everyone sincerely devotes themselves to the welfare of others.

To create supportive harmony, we accept that we have blind spots and are open to advice of others. We also take on the responsibility of offering advice at a suitable time and place.

During the group presentations, many questions were also posed to enhance their learning.

We take this opportunity to thank all Dhamma teachers and spiritual guides for leading us on this path of spirituality.  We wish our teachers peace, happiness and success in their noble pursuits.