Make kindness the norm

Being kind costs us nothing, but can give us the gains of lightness and happiness

Today is World Kindness Day, a time to celebrate this defining quality of our humanity.  In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, random acts of kindness may have become more scarce or maybe more difficult as physical distancing and masked faces define the ‘new norm’.  We must be wary that we do not unintentionally alienate care for each other in lieu of ‘safety’, and diminish our compassion.

Kindness is part and parcel of one’s spiritual journey, and opens our hearts to patience, empathy and gratitude.   It also helps to reduce our ego and pride as we put the interest of others before our own.  When there is less ‘self’ in our speech, thoughts and actions, we are able to develop altruism and selflessness.  Additionally, we can experience a deep happiness with each act of kindness.

The smallest acts of kindness can make a great difference in times of need.

There are many things which we can do every day to make kindness the norm.  We can lend our ears to our loved ones, give words of encouragement to our colleagues or spare a meal for those in need.  With our sincere intention of showing care, let us put smiles behind the masks and gladness in their hearts.  We wish everyone Happy World Kindness Day!