Memorial Service at Sentul Buddhist Temple

Memorial Service at Sentul Buddhist Temple

Members of the Māha Sangha led the memorial chanting service.

On Wednesday 4 March, a team of Nalandians attended a memorial service at Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Sentul, for the late Madam L. M. Bisomanike, mother of the temple’s Abbot Venerable Sri Saranankara Nāyaka Thero.  The late Mdm. Bisomanike passed away peacefully on 2 March in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Memorial Altar for the late Mdm. L. M. Bisomanike.

The memorial chanting was led by the Māha Sangha, followed by a Dhamma talk and robe offerings to the venerable monks.  The service concluded with dedication of merits to the late Mdm. Bisomanike.  May she gain rebirth in the fortunate realms of existence, and be free from suffering.  Sotthi.

Bro. Tan gave a brief Dhamma sharing on ‘Māgha Pūja’, as the Memorial Service fell on 4 March. On this occasion 2,600 years ago, the Buddha preached the ‘Ovada Patimokkha’ where He taught the outline of Dhamma practice - “To abandon evil; cultivate virtues; and to purify one’s own mind”.