Metta Sutta Workshop in Terengganu

20 – 22 July

The feeling of joy and appreciation is obvious, as Bro.Tan is seen here happily greeting fellow practitioners in Terengganu.

Over 3 days, Bro. Tan was invited by Gandhārama Vihāra to conduct a commentarial course on the Karaniya Mettā Sutta in Terengganu. The workshop was held at the beautiful Kenyir Lake Resort amidst peaceful surroundings. In a series of 7 talks, Bro. Tan inspired the more than 40 participants with insightful teachings and gladdened everyone’s heart with Dhamma!

The workshop may be over, but the happiness lingers. Many participants are still diligently applying what they have learned there in their daily lives, adding joy and purpose to the daily grind. Nalanda Institute would like to thank Sis. Penney Pang and Bro. Poon Soon Sing of Gandhārama Vihāra for organizing this workshop that has brought much delight to all participants. Sādhu anumodana, and may the Dhamma long endure!

Nalanda President Bro. Lee Kong Foo also took part in the Workshop.


Bro. Charlie Teng of Nalanda being introduced to other participants.


A session of the workshop proceeding in the Hall.


Participants went for a mindful walk before dawn around the resort.


Kutis for Workshop participants were pleasant and comfortable.


A beautiful but fleeting sunset view of Kenyir Lake from kutis.