MH370 – 1st Anniversary, 8 March

Let us extend our compassionate thoughts for the victims of this tragedy and their grieving families.

Today marks the first anniversary of Malaysia Airlines MH370′s mysterious disappearance over the Indian Ocean.  After one year of intensive and extensive search under challenging conditions, the wreckage of the B777 aircraft is still not found.  Many questions therefore remain unanswered as to the fate of that flight, and its 239 passengers and crew.

On this poignant anniversary, let us be united in our compassion and generate thoughts of mettā (loving-kindness) to the victims of this tragedy and to their grieving families.

A Special Memorial Service will be also held at Nalanda Centre this morning (starting at 9.00am) dedicated to those who perished in this misfortune.  We shall continue to pray for them – “May they be at Peace”.