Monthly Dhamma Discussion

Monthly Dhamma Discussion

Topic: The Three Jewels – Part 2

Date: Friday, 8 June 2012
Time: 12pm – 1.30pm
Venue: Pustaka Nalanda

Below are the Páli verses that we recite to recall the qualities of the noble Sangha:

Supatipanno Bhagavato savakasangho 
Ujupatipanno Bhagavato savakasangha
Ñayapatipanno Bhagavato savakasangho
Samicipatipanno Bhagavato savakasangho

To complete the explanation of The Three Jewels, we will explore these qualities during the session on 8 June.

This lineage of Buddhist sangha originated from the Gotama Buddha who was born among human beings about 26 centuries ago.  The Buddha had personally led this Buddhist community for 45 years before His great passing away.  Since then, without fail, this community carries on the noble mission of propagating the Buddha-Dhamma.

Come, join us to learn and understand who this community is, and be inspired by their salient qualities.

For a preview of the upcoming sessions for the rest of the year, please refer to the poster below.