“Nalanda 悦刊” Mandarin Bulletin published

The 3rd issue of “Nalanda 悦刊” Mandarin Bulletin is now available at all Nalanda and NEO Centres.

The Chinese-Language Communications Team has just published the 3rd issue of Nalanda’s Mandarin Bulletin – “Nalanda 悦刊”, yesterday.  The bulletin contains news on Nalanda’s recent events, essays by teachers, and interviews with volunteers.  The previous two issues of the bulletin received very encouraging support from the community due mainly to its inspiring articles.  To cater for increasing readership, 4,000 copies of Issue No.3 were printed and will be distributed nationwide this week.

We would like to thank members of the Communications Team for their dedicated work to reach out and benefit more people with their insightful stories and sharing.  You may encourage them likewise by viewing some of their postings at www.facebook.com/nalanda.zhongwen. ‘Like’ it, or ‘Share’ articles that you enjoy reading with your family and friends.  There isn’t an easier way to be updated and inspired today!