Nalanda Dharma School opens in Johor Bahru

Raising the Buddhist and Nalanda flags to mark the opening of Nalanda Dharma School in Johor Bahru!

The 8th of March was the most important milestone for Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch since its establishment in 2013 as it marked the opening of Nalanda Dharma School there!  It was indeed a wonderful occasion to rejoice over.  This auspicious start of the School in Johor Bahru will serve the needs of a large Buddhist community in this southern-most Malaysian city, and paving the way for teenagers aged 13 to 17 to learn the Buddha-Dhamma.

Practising meditation to calm the mind before the session began.

Chairman of Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch Bro. David Yap gave a welcoming speech to the congregation.  He warmly welcomed the teachers and students to the Dharma School’s first session; they will be attending a total of 33 lessons from now until December 2015.

Bro. Yap hoped that students will gain the “3Cs” from their learning here by becoming “Cool”, “Calm”, and developing “Concentration”.  He then officially declared the Dharma School opened by sounding the bell three times.

School Facilitators leading the ‘Pūja’ (offerings to the Three Jewels).

The commencement of the first Dharma School session was graced by School Director Sis. Sunanda Ong and a team of facilitators and youths from Sri Serdang.  Sis. Sunanda gave a Dhamma teaching to the students, followed by ice-breaking games conducted by School Facilitators.

In a separate session with the parents, Bro. Yap shared about Nalanda’s background and philosophy with the new-comers.  He also introduced Branch Committee Members to them, while inviting the parents to introduce themselves and share their views of sending their children to the Dharma School.  Teachers, students and their parents later had a communal lunch after the programme ended.

Johor Bahru Branch Chairman, Bro. Yap shared about Nalanda's background and philosophy with the new-comers.

Sadhu anumodana to everyone who had worked hard for the establishment of Nalanda Dharma School in Johor Bahru!  We wish the School much success in educating more people in the authentic Buddhist teachings.  May the Dhamma continue to flourish and spread far and wide!

Ice-breaking games in progress.